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            I am trying to compare and contrast http long polling method with the websockets protocol.

Hence I would like to find statistical measures of some parameters as:

1. Websocket is a full duplex protocol , but how do I show that visually  i.e how do I show that for every client- server  there is one single connection  and not two half duplex  connections that  are simulated to make it  work as full duplex  which is the case is the http long polling scenario.

2. To find network traffic in both the (http long polling and websockets)scenarios,I consider byte length of http request- response headers .In http case, I find the length by mere counting the characters in the header, but in websockets case, the 2 bytes overhead that I have read about doesn't get visually seen in the header . Where and how do I find that?

3. what other parameters can be used for performance  analysis?

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