[Libwebsockets] [Libwebsocket] Adding authentication for Client

atul kumar bitsatul at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 09:03:03 CEST 2016

Hi Andy,

I am currently trying to integrate libwebsocket to interact with my server
which does support websocket.

Have few queries w.r.t it.

a) Websocket is just a plan HTTPS socket, so it is a secured socket. But it
need to be authenticated before using it in secure way either vai
certification or user/pass.

 The usual idea is that the server handles this at http layer, and if it
 likes what you sent for authentication it paints the client with a
 cookie and gives him html that has a script to open the ws connection .
When the client makes the ws connection, he sends the auth cookie that he
was given before.

 Libwebsocket does handle the security part inherently , but I am not sure
how to add/enable authorization part. Could you share some pointer for it?

b)Libwebsocket is a plain socket connection, we still need to add
intelligence for all the callbacks as shown for dummy. But could not
proceed further unless point a get resolved.

Any suggestion on above queries will be helpful.

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