[Libwebsockets] 100% CPU and lws_adopt_socket: fail. Possible LWS issue?

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Thu Jul 7 02:19:27 CEST 2016

On Wed, 2016-07-06 at 18:22 +0200, Thomas Spitz wrote:
> > No, by default tcp doesn't randomly send things.  You can use "tcp
> > keepalives" to make it randomly send things at specified intervals
> > as probes for a dead link.  Otherwise if you're not sending
> > anything either at application layer it can go on forever believing
> > it's just idle.  (In ssl case that might do its own housekeeping on
> > the link, I'm not sure of the conditions.)
> > This is talking about situations where the physical link disappears
> > without notification, eg phone runs out of battery.  Just closing
> > the connection with the link still valid should be nice and clean.

> In fact the server send the time to each client every minute (so this
> is a kind of keep alive). On the client side, if it doesn't receive a
> messsage before 1min and 5s then it closes the connection as well. Do
> the server has to do something in case it sends the new time to a
> "dead connection" (I thought TCP would close the connection for
> me...)?

If you're periodically tring to pass traffic, that should allow you to
know if anything has gone wrong.  Closing the connection in LWS should
be enough then.

> > >I also made a test program that progressively increase the number
> > of
> > >simultenous client connections and all connections are stopped
> > (after 1
> > >minute of TIME_WAIT in some case)
> > 
> > TIME_WAIT is okay.
> > 
> > CLOSE_WAIT isn't okay.  I'll check this out tomorrow.

Can you get these CLOSE_WAIT connections using the test apps?  I try to
make it happen here both with lwsws + libuv and the poll() test server
+ client + browser, but he always closes cleanly.  TIME_WAIT is
expected and clears up after 60 also as expected (the connection is

Please try the test apps for this from your side.

Is it that this symptom with the spinning creates the conditions where
the CLOSE_WAIT appears?

It's very helpful if you can reduce this to something both of us can
reproduce with the test apps, perhaps with a little patch to align with
what your code does.


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