[Libwebsockets] Performance Challenges vs socket.io

Ignas igalvelis at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 03:35:52 CEST 2016

Hi Guys,
I was really happy being able to compile and get libwebsockets working.
However I am having some challenges with understanding performance of
libwebsockets on windows.I did a bit of a read on the google group, but
seems people are taking about unrelated issues.
In terms of performance. I did a very simple test that goes loads the
html/javascript for client, waits 5 seconds then and pings the server over
websocket and then downloads 30k worth of data from a server over the
websocket. Unfortunately what I am trying to do is latency critical and I
compared to socket.io I can see at least 50+ ms delay. Using wireshark I
have narrowed it down to basically libwebsocket not pushing the frames as
fast. Could anyone take a look at my test code and see if there is anything
I can do to improve it (besides making it more readable of course)?
Considering it is just the "lws_service(context, 0);" line I am not sure if
there is.

I am attaching wireshark captures in case you would like to compare those:

>From what I can see after the 5 second mark once the protocol has
initialised, the diffence is that libwesockets are using RSL and IPA
protocols compared to socket.io TCP.

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