[Libwebsockets] Creating a second (SSL capable) lws context will break SSL ext_data access

Wenzel, Alexander alexander.wenzel at qsc.de
Mon Jun 27 18:32:00 CEST 2016

Hi Andy,

thanks for the very quick response :)

> How about you just rearrange things on your side to use one lws
> context, as does every piece of example code we provide?  Then there
> will be no problem.

Your suggestion was my first approach, which also failed (SEGFAULT). That’s
why I tried the alternative with the two context objects. But anyway, so it
was easy to reproduce the recent behavior with the single context.

We are using btw the minimal libwebsockets configuration without any additional
libs like libuv or any plugins.

So the current init flow looks like:
# populate lws_context_creation_info
# create context (lws_create_context)
# create vhost (lws_create_vhost)
# populate lws_client_connect_info
- set also vhost here to determine related SSL_CTX as explained in lws header
# connect to server (lws_client_connect_via_info)

And that’s currently my gdb outcome.

---- 8< ----
#1  0x7795a1d0 in lws_ssl_client_bio_create (wsi=0xb33840) at libwebsockets-v2.0.2/lib/ssl-client.c:47
(gdb) print wsi
$1 = (struct lws *) 0xb33840
(gdb) print wsi->ssl
$2 = (SSL *) 0x0
(gdb) print wsi->context->vhost_list->ssl_ctx
$3 = (SSL_CTX *) 0xb30158
(gdb) print wsi->context->vhost_list->ssl_client_ctx
$4 = (SSL_CTX *) 0x0
---- 8< ----

When i follow the path of the functions, the SSL_CTX should be set in the
lws_context_init_client_ssl fct (ssl-client.c:336), but as far as the port is
set to 443 (server setup), the function returns here (ssl-client.c:317).
Furthermore the "SSL_new“ function from ssl-client.c:45 returns 0 and the
SEGFAULT occurs.

Ahhh ;) While writing this mail and again digging deeper i found a commit
in the master branch which probably will cover this issue. I will anyway send
my mail as written, which maybe will help others with a similar problem.

So if i had used the master, i would probably stumbled upon this before.
I’ll try this tomorrow in our build env. If this is the solution, can you estimate
when this commit will be added to the stable branch? :D

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

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