[Libwebsockets] lws_adopt_socket

Vijay Khurdiya Vijay.Khurdiya at securetogether.com
Fri Mar 11 12:26:00 CET 2016


I am trying to use libwebsocket 1.7.3 version. I am using ECDH server support for server. When I test with test client/server I am getting below error.

lwsts[17131]: libwebsockets test server - license LGPL2.1+SLE
lwsts[17131]: (C) Copyright 2010-2016 Andy Green <andy at warmcat.com>
Using resource path "/usr/local/share/libwebsockets-test-server"
lwsts[17131]: Initial logging level 7
lwsts[17131]: Libwebsockets version: 1.7.3 secure at ubuntu-
lwsts[17131]: IPV6 not compiled in
lwsts[17131]: libev support not compiled in
lwsts[17131]:  Threads: 1 each 1024 fds
lwsts[17131]:  mem: platform fd map:  4096 bytes
lwsts[17131]:  mem: per-conn:          308 bytes + protocol rx buf
lwsts[17131]:  canonical_hostname = ubuntu
lwsts[17131]:  Compiled with OpenSSL support
lwsts[17131]:  Using SSL mode
lwsts[17131]:  SSL ECDH curve 'prime256v1'
Enter PEM pass phrase:
lwsts[17131]:  Using ECDH certificate support
lwsts[17131]:  Listening on port 8101

lwsts[17072]: lws_adopt_socket: fail
lwsts[17072]: accept asks to try again
lws_adopt_socket : 1

Please suggest me hint if I am missing something.
It was working for me with 1.6. version with applied patch for ECDH.

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