[Libwebsockets] Verify server certificate?

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Sat Mar 12 04:30:44 CET 2016

On 03/12/2016 01:49 AM, Adam MacBeth wrote:
> It looks like out of the box the client doesn't do any verification on
> server certificates. Is there a way to enable this?

Send the code that works and I'll add it with a context creation option.

> SSL_CTX and call SSL_CTX_set_verify() with SSL_VERIFY_PEER. If
> verification fails this appears to result in the websocket getting
> cleaned up but I never see LWS_CALLBACK_CLIENT_CONNECTION_ERROR,
> just LWS_CALLBACK_WSI_DESTROY. Is this expected?

Again it's helpful to see what you actually did patchwise.

If there's a path that should return connection error, I can make sure 
it does but there's not enough info here to take care of it.


> Thanks,
> Adam
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