[Libwebsockets] v2.0.1

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Thu May 12 16:32:57 CEST 2016

Hi -

Thanks to the guys who found / helped fix them.

Just several minor fixes with no obvious security dimension.  These all 
also went into master.




1) OpenSSL version tests not needed on LibreSSL and BoringSSL

2) Fix IPV6 build breakage

3) Some fixes for WinCE build

4) Additional canned mimetypes for mounts, the full list is

	.ico    image/x-icon
	.gif    image/gif
	.js     text/javascript
	.png    image/png
	.jpg    image/jpeg
	.gz     application/gzip
	.JPG    image/jpeg
	.html   text/html
	.css    text/css
	.txt    text/plain
	.ttf    application/x-font-ttf
	.woff   application/font-woff
	.xml    application/xml

5) Allow per-vhost setting of which protocol should get used
when the protocol: header is not sent by the client

6) MINOR: user_space arg was mistakenly NULL on

7) MINOR: treating recv() returning 0 as peer close destroyed throughput 
on ab
tests, reverted

8) MINOR: %3d on URL part was always turned to _... this should only 
happen in
?na%3dme=x part of the URL

9) MINOR: some malloc escaped check for NULL / OOM

10) MINOR: libuv cleanups and client connections can operate correctly with

11) MINOR: POST used to hang up the connection when the body had all 
Change it so you can reply with a 200 directly rather than requiring a

12) MINOR: API docs were a little behind the docs in the code

Use "v2.0.1" tag or just follow "v2.0-stable" branch to get the latest fixes



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