[Libwebsockets] Error when closing and reopening client.

Stephen James sajames1958 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 17:03:00 CET 2016

I have implemented a client that will reconnect to the server on close.
I have implemented close by returning -1 from the callback handler.

Sometimes I see the following error: and then crash - I am assuming the
fault lie in my code but was hoping for any insight.

11/15/16 15:54:32.955: DBG 3C92: [websocket_callback_client:223]
11/15/16 15:54:32.955: DBG 3C8E: [sLog:309] 1, no wsi found for sock fd 12
at pos -1, pt->fds_count=0

11/15/16 15:54:32.955: DBG 3C92: [QzWebSocketClient::ClientError:477]
11/15/16 15:54:32.955: DBG 3C8E: [websocket_callback_client:223]
11/15/16 15:54:32.955: APP 3C92: [OnError:405]
11/15/16 15:54:32.955: DBG 3C8E: [QzWebSocketClient::ClientError:477]
11/15/16 15:54:32.955: APP 3C8E: [OnError:405]
11/15/16 15:54:32.955: DBG 3C8E: [NzWatsonClient::OnError:156]
11/15/16 15:54:32.955: DBG 3C92: [NzWatsonClient::OnError:156]
*** Error in `11/15/16 15:54:32.955: DBG 3C8E:
[websocket_callback_client:289] Unhandled callback: 30
Debug_x64/NzSpeechToText': double free or corruption (out): 0x11/15/16
15:54:32.956: DBG 3C92: [websocket_callback_client:289] Unhandled callback:
11/15/16 15:54:32.956:*ERR*3C92: Aborted.

11/15/16 15:54:32.956:*ERR*3C92: Aborted.
00007FA4AA7D6C37 gsignal
00007FA4AA7DA027 abort
00007FA4AB4E0252 _realloc
00007FA4AB4D96CE lws_close_free_wsi
00007FA4AB4DB4D8 lws_service_fd_tsi
00007FA4AB4E630A lws_plat_service_tsi
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