[Libwebsockets] Signal Trap eclisping my Trap handler

Shmuel Weiss sweiss at kramerel.com
Wed Nov 16 14:47:17 CET 2016

And why not doing this in libwebsockets?


Add SIGPIPE to the signal mask using pthread_sigmask

Signals can be temporarily blocked by adding them to the signal mask using the function pthread_sigmask:

sigset_t sigpipe_mask;
sigaddset(&sigpipe_mask, SIGPIPE);
sigset_t saved_mask;
if (pthread_sigmask(SIG_BLOCK, &sigpipe_mask, &saved_mask) == -1) {

Each thread has its own signal mask, so it is safe to do this within a library provided that you restore the mask afterwards. Blocking only defers delivery of the signal, so it remains pending, but for current purposes that will suffice.

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>Hi Andy,
>We have a trap Handler in our main.cpp which seems to be eclipsed by 
>the sigtrap of the Libwebsocket,
>How can we prevent libwebsocket to sigtrap ?

Just reassert your desired user signal handling after lws has created his context.


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