[Libwebsockets] couple questions about SSL and multithreading

Chang, Victor vchang at akamai.com
Thu Nov 17 00:18:04 CET 2016

> > 2) Is it possible to access openssl SSL_CTX or SSL objects?  I see a

> > few LWS_CALLBACK_* that make SSL_CTX available. Are there other APIs

> > to access them?


> Not really, lws wants to wrap the SSL library (which may not be

> openssl...) as much as possible.


> It can be made available by adding an API.  But it'd be interesting to

> know what you want to do with it outside the places it's already

> available and if that should be wrapped somehow instead.

For this project, the websocket server will periodically

check to see if there’s a new certificate, and if there is,

it will dynamically update the certificate without downtime.

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