[Libwebsockets] lws + libuv ( mac/freebsd ), explicit_vhosts

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Sun Nov 27 22:45:53 CET 2016

On November 28, 2016 4:22:52 AM GMT+08:00, Andy Green <andy at warmcat.com> wrote:
>On November 28, 2016 1:26:18 AM GMT+08:00, Aleksey Zhukovskiy
><beetle at gambler.ru> wrote:

>>1. It there a reason to use libuv/ev for better perfomance at all?
>Yes, it will use epoll() rather than poll().  If you have many
>connections, this is faster.

Well, on bsd, kqueue.  Basically libuv has backends for the best native event wait on the platform and converts to generic libuv events.


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