[Libwebsockets] lws + libuv ( mac/freebsd ), explicit_vhosts

Denis Osvald denis.osvald at sartura.hr
Tue Nov 29 12:36:40 CET 2016

Hi Andy,

On 2016-11-29 12:27, Andy Green wrote:
> A proper "reload" type functionality would also need to deal with
> killing or modifying vhosts too.  But anyway the bottom line is if you
> add a vhost later - much later - with libuv, you must do what
> lws_uv_initloop() does to vhost listen sockets to the new guy's vhost
> listen socket.  That's the only limitation I think.

Just checking, with lws I shouldn't encounter any problems with
live-reloading vhosts when not using libuv, right? Namely, I'd be doing
it with the extpoll support?



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