[Libwebsockets] A couple of patches and a question

Peter Pentchev roam at ringlet.net
Sun Oct 2 01:19:47 CEST 2016


Thanks for keeping libwebsockets going!

What do you think about the attached couple of patches?  The first one
fixes a couple of typographical and grammatical errors, and the second
one tries to catch up with OpenSSL 1.1's changes in functionality.
Yes, the same part of the code had some ifdefs related to OpenSSL 1.1
added before, but very soon after that, in the next prerelease,
things changed again and the various cleanup functions were turned
into no-ops and marked as deprecated, since everything seems to be done
automatically now.  Hopefully now that 1.1 has been published and
has seen a couple of bugfix patchlevel releases, the interface should
remain stable.

I also have a question that was raised by running cppcheck over
the libwebsockets source: what is the lws_ssl_capable_write() function
supposed to do in the LWS_USE_MBEDTLS case?  The ifdefs around
the actual SSL library functions do not seem to do anything in
that case, which leaves the value of the "n" variable undefined,
not to mention no real work has been done, nothing has been written
anywhere.  So, I guess, either assign something to n to explicitly
signal your intention or, I don't know, make the function actually
do something? :)

Thanks again for your work on libwebsockets!


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