[Libwebsockets] client always receive strange response from server

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Mon Oct 31 00:46:28 CET 2016

On Mon, 2016-10-31 at 01:04 +0800, hanguofu wrote:
> I played with the latest libwebsockets-test-client  and
> libwebsockets-test-server examples at local host environment .
> But the client always receive empty response from server    at "case
> rx 0 ''
> After the client sends sth. to the server , the client received a lot
> of response too :
> rx 8 'lient 1 '
> What are they on earth ?

Dunno, but they do not sound like the actions of the test server or
client... are you connecting to the port you think you are?  For
example in the whole of lws, only the ping client has the text "lient
%" in it.

$ git grep lient\ %
test-server/test-ping.c:                        lwsl_err("client %d
failed to connect\n", n);

For the test server, in the simplest case you can run it like this

$ libwebsockets-test-server

and visit http://localhost:7681 to see HTML + websocket demo.

$ libebsockets-test-client

will spam the test server with mirror protocol data, drawing a lot of
circles quickly in the canvas.

You're doing something different when testing?  What?  And what is your


> Regards !
> Guofu Han
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