[Libwebsockets] SSL_ERROR_WANT_READ error

Srikar Vadlamani SrikarVadlamani at trafficware.com
Mon Oct 31 16:02:07 CET 2016

Lws test app also gives similar results, is it the open ssl itself, or the way we are using it?

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On Fri, 2016-10-21 at 14:05 +0000, Srikar Vadlamani wrote:
> Hello,
> I am seeing the below logs from the lws library, when trying to accept 
> an SSL connection, These messages are repetitive and the system runs 
> out of ram and crashes.
> What can be the underlying reasons the SSL library is failing, any 
> comments or help would be really appreciated.
> insert_wsi_socket_into_fds: 0x13d5d860: tsi=0, sock=924, pos-in-
> fds=916
> lws_set_timeout: 0x13d5d860: 20 secs
> inserted SSL accept into fds, trying SSL_accept SSL_accept failed 2 / 
> error:00000002:lib(0):func(0):system lib SSL_ERROR_WANT_READ
> lws_header_table_attach: wsi 0x13d5d860: ah (nil) (tsi 0, count = 4) 
> in
> lws_header_table_attach: adding 0x13d5d860 to ah waiting list accepted 
> new conn  port 64463 on fd=925

Do the lws test apps work in ssl mode on your system?


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