[Libwebsockets] ESP32: big update

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Sun Apr 2 03:15:17 CEST 2017

Hi -

I made a big update to lws ESP32 support.

Basically it now provides a generic "factory" image that gives all the 
generic behaviours needed to manage a device.

  - Browser UI for "factory" upload of the SSL certs

  - AP selection and passphrase entry

  - Able to update both the 2.9MB OTA partition and the 1MB Factory 
partition from the browser, using file upload (updating Factory, which 
should be rare, requires updating OTA afterwards)

  - Fetches a manifest from a user server over SSL and presents UI in 
the browser to perform autonomous update fetching and installation for 
both factory and OTA partitions

  - Image ROMFS is now concatenated with the image binary

  - Just uses unpatched esp-idf now, and unpatched lws master

  - "Boot to setup" button on GPIO14 supported, soft reboot into setup 
also supported

  - Setup / ID indication LED supported on GPIO23

  - lws test server provided as a separate OTA application with some 
additional features: button for reboot to setup and link to download 4MB 
"War and Peace" text directly from a 1.2MB zip file in gzip mode.




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