[Libwebsockets] Queries regarding the throughput and latency

Senthil Kumar senthil.mca.ceg at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 05:32:01 CET 2017

Hi LWS-Team,

I started learning about WebSockets and going through the libwebsockets

I have few queries about the minimum and maximum throughput the library can

What is the throughput which we can achieve by using the library (For ex,
sending 10MB of data from client to server) and what are the factors which
may affect the throughput keeping the network traffic and load aside?

FYI, i tested my libwebsockets powered client sample written in C which
echoes 10MB data to echo.websocket.org over 443. The *average throughput is
3.5Mbps* for sending 10MB data and receiving it back.

Is there any claim or benchmark data exist for this?

And also please suggest standard ways to measure the throughput.

Thanks & Regards,
Senthil Kumar G S
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