[Libwebsockets] lws_client_connect_via_info() - protocol 0 handler

Denis Osvald denis.osvald at sartura.hr
Wed Feb 15 13:38:00 CET 2017

On 2017-02-15 12:11, Andy Green wrote:
> On 02/15/2017 06:55 PM, Denis Osvald wrote:
>> On 2017-02-15 10:46, Andy Green wrote:
>>> On 02/15/2017 05:31 PM, Denis Osvald wrote:
>>>> On 2017-02-15 02:18, Andy Green wrote:
>>>>> On 02/15/2017 01:50 AM, Joel Winarske wrote:
>>>> [...]
>>>>> That doesn't mean much though since it knows it will generate
>>>>> callbacks
>>>>> in the process of connecting, and when no better protocol is
>>>>> capable of
>>>>> being selected (because for ws it must be negotiated with the server),
>>>>> lws uses protocols[0] for want of anything better in many places.
>>>>> Client connections were until recently all ws/wss, for that this will
>>>>> work fine since the protocol is negotiated and selected later.
>>>>> For HTTP[S] client until now no code to allow forcing the protocol
>>>>> selection... that works fine with all on protocols[0] in "by hand"
>>>>> code
>>>>> like the original test server.  But being able to target a specific
>>>>> plugin / protocol handler by name makes a lot more sense inside lwsws.
>>>>> Please try this
>>>>> https://github.com/warmcat/libwebsockets/commit/d23cb338654c423e74c0b0160ba275e9a57c0070
>>>>> pushed on master just now.
>>>>> Set the info .vhost, the protocol name you want on that vhost in the
>>>>> info .protocol and there should be an info.method set already
>>>>> indicating
>>>>> http GET or whatever.  Then it will attempt to select the protocol
>>>>> from
>>>>> the vhost early in the connection action.
>>>> Hmm, I don't seem to get what this change does exactly. Would
>>>> protocols[0] still be called for things like:
>>>> - FD / extpoll stuff
>>>> - extra SSL info callbacks
>>>> - client connection error (CCE)
>>>> - callbacks before we know we'll upgrade to ws(s)
>>>> - callbacks after we've upgraded to ws(s)
>>>> - callbacks after we know no upgrade to ws(s) will happen
>>>> (Does the last type of client callback even exist?)
>>>> In other words, what callback reasons are moved from protocols[0] to
>>>> the
>>>> selected-by-name protocol callback?
>>> Absolutely none, unless in the client connect info:
>>>   - you gave a method, like "GET"
>>>   - you gave a vhost
>>>   - you gave a protocol name
>>> Normally, giving a protocol name along with a method has no meaning,
>>> since until now the protocol name was only used by ws[s] processing and
>>> giving the method means you are doing HTTP[S] processing.  So *no
>>> existing code meets these criteria*.
>>> If you do give those things in the connect info, the callback for most
>>> http things is the one in the named protocol.  But you have had to go
>>> out of your way to ask for that on your http client connection info.
>>> And in client-on-lwsws, that is what you want since you have control
>>> over the plugin and can handle his http client messages there.
>>> For extpoll, the stuff that calls that explicitly uses protocols[0], so
>>> it's unaffected.
>>> This can't affect anything related to ws[s] client connections, because
>>> the precondition of the method being set means we are not doing ws[s].
>>> Make sense?
>> Yes, that's good to hear.
>> So just to confirm my understanding, we could have always done:
>> - method=NULL, vhost=..., protocol="abc"
>>    -> we want websocket protocol "abc" through "abc" protocol cb
>> - method="GET", vhost=..., protocol=NULL
>>    -> we want plain HTTP GET (no upgrade) through protocols[0] cb
> Right
>> With the new change we can also do:
>> - method="GET", vhost=..., protocol="abc"
>>    -> we want plain HTTP GET (no upgrade) through "abc" protocol cb
> Yes with the addition it's specifically protocol "abc" on the given
> vhost.  With per-vhost options, the same protocol / plugin may be
> configured to do something different on another vhost (act on a
> different local directory etc).


>> Did I get this right?
>> A tangentially related question - is it possible somehow to say "I want
>> to use xyz protocol cb, and upgrade to WS if possible, otherwise stay
>> with plain HTTP client connection" (i'm almost sure that the answer is
>> no, and that this should be done in a separate connect attempt when I
>> know that WS won't work for whatever reason)?
> Theoretically, both sides stay in http if the upgrade didn't succeed.
> But practically, lws treats that as fatal.
> At the moment although it knows how to do it, and does do it for server,
> there are no arrangements for pipelining client transactions in lws. 
> Each client transaction is a new connection.

Do you think that's a reasonably valid use case?

I have a websocket-enabled application as a backend where previously
HTTP POST was used. Now I'm exploring the possibilities of having a
legacy-compatible client, or server. For server, lws supports everything
AFAIK except HTTP is always in protocols[0]. I imagine it would be
reasonable if the same protocol callback could be used for both, with
just the opcode in lws_write different, and of course with different
connection lifetimes.

Any thoughts?

> -Andy
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