[Libwebsockets] Where is the definition of openssl_SSL_CTX_private_data_index ?

hanguofu hanguofu at 163.com
Mon Jan 9 18:01:35 CET 2017

I am reviewing the source code of libwebsockets and failed to find out where is openssl_SSL_CTX_private_data_index defined .

Should it appear in private-libwebsockets.h ?

Also openssl_websocket_private_data_index seems defined twice . One is in ssl.c , the other is in private-libwebsockets.h.

Same problem with log_level.

Besides , at my windows' version , the LWS_EXTERN  is blank : #define LWS_EXTERN

, which seems a un-usual way to declear a global var.  For example ,  openssl_websocket_private_data_index  had been decleared twice as external in ssl-server.c and ssl-client.c . Why does  this project not define global var. in a normal way ?

Regards !

Guofu Han
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