[Libwebsockets] protocol_example_standalone / Win32

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Sat Jan 28 21:42:42 CET 2017

On 29 January 2017 03:09:34 GMT+08:00, Joel Winarske <joel.winarske at gmail.com> wrote:
>I am attempting to have lwsws load plugin
>I'm seeing:
>[2017/01/28 10:43:10:2640] ERR: Failed to get init on
>protocol_example_standalone.dll: The specified procedure could not be
>It loads all the other plugins built with libwebsocket without error.
>Any ideas?

The names of the exports in the plugin must match the plugin name.

For example 'plugin_standalone' exports 'init_protocol_example_standalone'.

The other reason I can imagine is maybe no exports or decorated exports from your plugin dll... you need some objdump like tool to check it.


>Building this plugin on Windows required some fiddling:
>*libwebsockets plugin-standalone*
>1. Open VS2015 x86 Native Tools window
>2. cd C:\Users\joel\Documents\GitHub\libwebsockets\plugin-standalone
>3. mkdir build
>4. cd build
>6. Open the protocol_example_standalone sln file, and update as
>VC++ Directories->Include Directories <append>
>VC++ Directories->Library Directories <append>
>Linker->Input <append>
>7. Build.  you get protocol_example_standalone.dll.  Drop this into
>lwsws plugin directory.

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