[Libwebsockets] Minor client buffer fix when server does not provide content length

Michael Behrns-Miller moodboom at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 21:28:13 CET 2017

Hello Andy.

I am having to deal with a noncompliant server that does not appear to
provide a content length header.

Libwebsockets detects this and drops into connection-close mode
(HTTP_CONNECTION_CLOSE), in client.c ln~591.  All good so far.

When processing the http buffer in service.c ln~668, lws decrements
the content remaining:
    wsi->u.http.content_remain -= n;
Because wsi->u.http.content_length was zero, this kicks buffer
indexing into negative numbers.

I added a simple check before decrementing, to avoid it if the content
length is unknown.  Then my client can force a completion of the HTTP
GET in LWS_CALLBACK_RECEIVE_CLIENT_HTTP by returning non-zero.

I have a patch to submit, but I wasn't sure if you were interested,
because it is solely for noncompliant server behavior.  It "seems
safe" heh but you never know.  If you want to pull it, it's submitted.
If not let me know and I'll remove the request.

Thanks again for a great library.

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