[Libwebsockets] v2.2.0

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Wed Mar 8 07:54:13 CET 2017

Hi -

v2.2.0 is released... 

Thanks to everyone who contributed.

Travis has problems atm, it does 5 variants and then stalls for hours.  
So I may need to retag it if that eventually shows something broken.

 From the changelog



Major new features

- A mount can be protected by Basic Auth... in lwsws it looks like this



"mountpoint": "/basic-auth",

"origin": "file://_lws_ddir_/libwebsockets-test-server/private",

"basic-auth": "/var/www/balogins-private"



The text file named in `basic-auth` contains user:password information

one per line.

See README.lwsws.md for more information.

- RFC7233 RANGES support in lws server... both single and multipart.

This allows seeking for multimedia file serving and download resume.

It's enabled by default but can be disabled by CMake option.

- On Linux, lwsws can reload configuration without dropping ongoing

connections, when sent a SIGHUP. The old configuration drops its

listen sockets so the new configuration can listen on them.

New connections connect to the server instance with the new

configuration. When all old connections eventually close, the old

instance automatically exits. This is equivalent to

`systemctl reload apache`

- New `adopt` api allow adoption including SSL negotiation and

for raw sockets and file descriptors.

- Chunked transfer encoding supported for client and server

- Adaptations to allow operations inside OPTEE Secure World

- ESP32 initial port - able to do all test server functions. See


- Serving gzipped files from inside a ZIP file is supported... this

includes directly serving the gzipped content if the client

indicated it could accept it (ie, almost all browsers) saving

bandwidth and time. For clients that can't accept it, lws

automatically decompresses and serves the content in memory-

efficient chunks. Only a few hundred bytes of heap are needed

to serve any size file from inside the zip. See README.coding.md

- RAW file descriptors may now be adopted into the lws event loop,

independent of event backend (including poll service).

See README.coding.md

- RAW server socket descriptors may now be enabled on the vhost if

the first thing sent on the connection is not a valid http method.

The user code can associate these with a specific protocol per

vhost, and RAW-specific callbacks appear there for creation, rx,

writable and close. See libwebsockets-test-server-v2.0 for an example.

See README.coding.md

- RAW client connections are now possible using the method "RAW".

After connection, the socket is associated to the protocol

named in the client connection info and RAW-specific callbacks

appear there for creation, rx, writable and close.

See libwebsockets-test-client (with raw://) for an example.

See README.coding.md


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