[Libwebsockets] v2.4 released

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Mon Oct 16 15:13:22 CEST 2017

Hi -


Thanks to everyone who contributed.

  - HTTP/2 server support is now mature and usable!  LWS_WITH_HTTP2=1 
enables it.  Uses ALPN to serve HTTP/2, HTTP/1 and ws[s] connections all 
from the same listen port seamlessly.  (Requires ALPN-capable OpenSSL 
1.1 or mbedTLS).

  - LWS_WITH_MBEDTLS=1 at CMake now builds and works against mbedTLS 
instead of OpenSSL.  Most things work identically, although on common 
targets where OpenSSL has acceleration, mbedTLS is many times slower in 
operation.  However it is a lot smaller codewise.

  - Generic hash apis introduced that work the same on mbedTLS or 
OpenSSL backend

  - LWS_WITH_PEER_LIMITS tracks IPs across all vhosts and allows 
restrictions on both the number of simultaneous connections and wsi in 
use for any single IP

  - lws_ring apis provide a generic single- or multi-tail ringbuffer... 
mirror protocol now uses this.  Features include ring elements may be 
sized to fit structs in the ringbuffer, callback when no tail any longer 
needs an element and it can be deleted, and zerocopy options to write 
new members directly into the ringbuffer, and use the ringbuffer element 
by address too.

  - abstract ssh 2 server plugin included, with both plugin and 
standalone demos provided.  You can bind the plugin to a vhost and also 
serve full-strength ssh from the vhost.  IO from the ssh server is 
controlled by an "ops" struct of callbacks for tx, rx, auth etc.

  - Many fixes, cleanups, source refactors and other improvements.

  - Valgrind + Coverity -clean.

https://libwebsockets.org is running


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