[Libwebsockets] SSL Error on Pong receive

Benjamin Faul benjaminfaul at bigpond.com
Thu Aug 2 04:44:12 CEST 2018

Hi I am having problems with the ping/pong on my websocket connection. I 
get the errors below:

|12:31:54.551534331| { INFO} [LWS_LOG] req pp on wsi 0x55cc9c958400
|12:31:54.551557159| {DEBUG} [LWS_LOG] __lws_set_timeout: 
0x55cc9c958400: 20 secs
|12:31:54.551566000| {DEBUG} [LWS_LOG] _lws_change_pollfd: wsi 
0x55cc9c958400: fd 13 events 1 -> 5
|12:31:54.551596116| {DEBUG} [LWS_LOG] 0x55cc9c958400: SSL_read says 0
|12:31:54.551598972| { INFO} [LWS_LOG] rops_handle_POLLIN_ws: 
|12:31:54.551601308| {DEBUG} [LWS_LOG] 0x55cc9c958400: Close and handled
|12:31:54.551605277| { INFO} [LWS_LOG] __lws_close_free_wsi: 
0x55cc9c958400: caller: close_and_handled
|12:31:54.551611547| {DEBUG} [LWS_LOG] __lws_close_free_wsi: real 
just_kill_connection: 0x55cc9c958400 (sockfd 13)
|12:31:54.551614955| { INFO} [LWS_LOG] lws_same_vh_protocol_remove: 
removing same prot wsi 0x55cc9c958400
|12:31:54.551617736| { INFO} [LWS_LOG] have prev 0x55cc9c94a000, setting 
him to our next (nil)
  {DEBUG} [LWS_LOG] __remove_wsi_socket_from_fds: wsi=0x55cc9c958400,
sock=13, fds pos=1, end guy pos=2, endfd=0
|12:31:54.551630842| {DEBUG} [LWS_LOG] lwsi_set_state(0x55cc9c958400, 
|12:31:54.551958658| { INFO} [LWS_LOG] lws_vhost_unbind_wsi: vh default: 
count_bound_wsi 0
|12:31:54.551963074| {DEBUG} [LWS_LOG] __lws_free_wsi: 0x55cc9c958400, 
remaining wsi 1

The libwebsockets I am using is the latest master as of today (2nd 
August 2018).
I am using openSSL 1.1.0g on Ubuntu 18.04

I have tried the stable version 3.0.0 as well with the same result.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

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