[Libwebsockets] LWS for QNX + log info

polan at os.pl polan at os.pl
Wed Jan 3 14:28:41 CET 2018


maybe this will be interesting - attached diff to build lws for QNX 6.6.

Additionally 2 small remarks regarding logging:
	* GET (but not only) information logged as error (lws_access_log() function), e.g.:
 "GET ... HTTP/1.1" 200 105605 "" "Mozilla/5.0 ..."
perhaps NOTICE level would be better, as this is not an error. 
	* CGI errors esp. timeout (lws_service_timeout_check() function) is not presented in default logs (lwsl_info not lwsl_err). Actually information in log is 200 and confusing behavior. 

Anyway, LWS is great library.
I wish you also great progress in 2018.

Best regards,
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