[Libwebsockets] LWS for QNX + log info

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Thu Jan 4 05:10:06 CET 2018

On 03/01/18 21:28, polan at os.pl wrote:
> Hello,
> maybe this will be interesting - attached diff to build lws for QNX 6.6.

Thanks a lot... I made a separate patch for the lejp-conf working 
without TLS configured part and pushed both that and the QNX support on 

> Additionally 2 small remarks regarding logging:
>  1. GET (but not only) information logged as error (lws_access_log()
>     function), e.g.:
>     "GET ... HTTP/1.1" 200 105605 "" "Mozilla/5.0 ..."
>     perhaps NOTICE level would be better, as this is not an error.

Yes... these are only coming though if you don't configure the vhost log 
file path with, eg

      "access-log": "/var/log/lwsws/test-access-log"

otherwise they just go there without going through the lwsl_... logging. 
  You're right though it's not really any error, I added a patch on 
master to reduce the logging to NOTICE as you suggested.

>  2. CGI errors esp. timeout (lws_service_timeout_check() function) is
>     not presented in default logs (lwsl_info not lwsl_err). Actually
>     information in log is 200 and confusing behavior.

If the CGI got started, the 200 response was sent, so it is correct as 
far as it goes.

If the CGI issues any stderr, then it gets logged with NOTICE.  But if 
it just timed out, probably no stderr.

Although CGI timeout is something you can set separately, it's actually 
done by the generic wsi timeout support... INFO is appropriate for that 

It needs to do something specific about cgi timeout I think... I also 
added a patch on master that has it log timeout on CGI wsi with NOTICE 
and some aux information like method and rhs part of the URI.

> Anyway, LWS is great library.
> I wish you also great progress in 2018.

Thanks, I appreciate the contribution.


> Best regards,
> Anzey
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