[Libwebsockets] Deprecating Github 2018 The Man edition®

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Tue Jun 5 02:27:58 CEST 2018

Hi -

About the github purchase by microsoft... I have spent getting on for 
two decades trying to keep microsoft's clammy little hand off my leg, 
but it keeps reappearing there.

So I want to discuss ideas for removing lws (and my other stuff there) 
from github, just leaving either a mirror or a README.md pointing to the 

I considered gitlab.io, however while it's good, it doesn't permanently 
fix the same "relying on proprietary services" hole that created this 
mess... it's just kicking the can down the road.

Looking at what infrastructure lws uses with github rejected, we have:

  libwebsockets.org the server:  US$10/mo
  lwsws                       :  FOSS
  git-daemon / cgit           :  FOSS
  mailman                     :  FOSS
  appveyor (windows CI)       :  PROPRIETARY | $0
  travis (mac + Linux CI)     :  PROPRIETARY | $0
  coverity (static analysis)  :  PROPRIETARY | $0

So if we put the CI stuff to one side (the free OSS Coverity has usage 
limits, I use it mainly when leading up to a release) the original 
selfhosted stuff will support ongoing development OK.  In a pinch I can 
set up Jenkins and implement the CI builds and tests for Linux 
selfhosted as well (plus or minus some pain).

https://libwebsockets.org/git/libwebsockets has always been kept in sync 
with lws git, it needs updating with a cgi implementing to support https 
which hopefully won't be too hard.

So basically the choices seem to be selfhost (https://gogs.io/ looks 
possible to implement without it being a fulltime job), or just don't 
have forge and go back to selfhosted git + mailing list.

If you have ideas or comments let me know.


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