[Libwebsockets] issue tracking post github

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Thu Jun 28 04:01:07 CEST 2018

On 06/28/2018 09:50 AM, Göran Hasse wrote:
> Hello.
> I would recomend Redmine.
> https://www.redmine.org/
> I have used it for many years and it is quite good.
> If you know how - it is quite easy to install. I can help
> if you are interested.


Long ago I used trac for lws... it brought a lot of problems with 
spam... I made it worse by not hosting it on a dedicated server to be fair.

As I wrote I am not sure "tracking issues" is actually helpful to lws 
itself.  Users might think that's what they want, but if you look at 
redmine's own "issues":


they have 4773 open issues, 4367 of those in New state.  I don't want 
that :-)  It somehow doesn't seem to have led to a good result for even 
them as a FOSS project.

The things I do have underway that I care about, like replacing github 
and QUIC, either need me to figure it out or I can't find anyone else 
who wants to help, so no point tracking my own issues there either.


> /gh
> Den 2018-06-27 kl. 13:14, skrev Karl Palsson:
>> I see that you're moving heavily away from github.
>> What are you plans for issue tracking in this new world?
>> Sincerely,
>> Karl Palsson
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