[Libwebsockets] re-directing 404 to a default webpage when using lwsws with standalone plugins

Andrew Carney Andrew.Carney at playtech.com
Wed Mar 7 10:27:20 CET 2018

We are running libwebsockets 2.2.1 and building with buildroot, and using lwsws with stand alone plugins.

We currently have lwsws running with several plugins which are written in C++ and compiled under linux using g++

One of our plugins is simply passing data and URLs between a user interface ( a qt webkit browser ) and a java application.

The java application can send URL to the plugin, which then results in the browser loading said URL.

Sometimes, things don't always work as expected, and we end up getting a 404 , page not found.

What I would like to be able to do is make lwsws always load a default page, which is available on a mountpoint instead of returning a 404

I have looked into this, but can see no obvious or simple way to do this.

I am obviously missing something here, but any hints would be greatly appreciated.

All our plugins work perfectly, and as expected apart from this little "nice to have"

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