[Libwebsockets] license for plugins/protocol_lws_meta.c

David Fletcher david at phase92.com
Tue Mar 13 02:21:38 CET 2018


I've downloaded lws for the first time and I've started exploring the
code.  For my test, I'm compiling the test-server-v2.0 with statically-
linked plugins; I'm using a C++ compiler.  I've seen 2-3 places in each
of the plugins .c files that need slight alteration to work with C++
but, otherwise, I'm making good progress.

I did see that the protocol_lws_meta.c file has an LGPL license while all
the other plugin .c files licensed under Creative Commons CC0.  Is
there a reason why the one file has a different license?

The lws code seems very much state driven (with the states handled
by switch statements)?  Is there documentation that describes the
various states? or maybe state diagrams available somewhere?  Or, if
anyone can point me to software that uses lws successfully, I'd like
to study the code to see if I can get ideas for ways to use lws.

Thanks for making what is clearly a high-quality library freely available.


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