[Libwebsockets] Call for testing especially event libs

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Fri May 4 08:03:22 CEST 2018

Hi -

The changelog is prepared here (a lot of work happened since October...)


The last major work I did this week was refactoring the event libraries 
support.  The way that you use lws with or without an event library has 
been unified... not only is the code the same then for any event library 
but it works the same too for poll().

Here's the simplest example for serving under any event loop


Support for foreign event loop integration has also been improved and 


now with any supported event library (libuv, libevent, or libuv) lws can 
join an existing loop cleanly as a passer-by, it can operate with the 
loop, and then cleanly destroy its assets and remove itself from the 
loop without stopping or starting the pre-existing loop or affecting it 
after it has been destroyed.

If you care about lws event loop support please take a look at it while 
there is some time to change or fix anything that makes trouble.


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