[Libwebsockets] v3.0 lws_header_table_attach bug

Chropin Hu chropinhu at gmail.com
Tue May 8 10:32:43 CEST 2018

Dear Andy,
         I`m trying to use the lwsws, but meet the following issue.
         system: Ubuntu 16.04

         case 1, Run lwsws on terminal, like, ./lwsws -d 127 -c
         Result: work well!

         case 2, Run lwsws on eclipse (I use eclipse to debug the lws step
by step)
         Result: not well.

         I have check the log:
         For the case 1, the log is:
lwsws[4871]: lws_uv_timeout_cb
lwsws[4871]: accepted new conn port 40540 on fd=17
lwsws[4871]: lws_get_or_create_peer: creating new peer
lwsws[4871]: _realloc: size 88: peer
lwsws[4871]: _realloc: size 664: new server wsi
lwsws[4871]: new wsi 0x1432590 joining vhost localhost1, tsi 0
lwsws[4871]: lwsi_set_state(0x1432590, 0x200)
lwsws[4871]: lws_adopt_descriptor_vhost: new wsi 0x1432590, sockfd 17
lwsws[4871]: __lws_set_timeout: 0x1432590: 20 secs
lwsws[4871]: lws_role_transition: 0x1432590: wsistate 0x20000015, ops h1
lwsws[4871]: new wsi wsistate 0x20000015
lwsws[4871]: __insert_wsi_socket_into_fds: 0x1432590: tsi=0, sock=17,
lwsws[4871]: elops_io_uv: 0x1432590: 5
lwsws[4871]: lws_header_table_attach: wsi 0x1432590: ah (nil) (tsi 0, count
= 0) in
lwsws[4871]: _realloc: size 960: ah struct
lwsws[4871]: _realloc: size 4096: ah data
lwsws[4871]: _lws_create_ah: created ah 0x1432ad0 (size 4096): pool length 1

          For the case 2, the log is:
lwsws[4843]: accepted new conn port 40532 on fd=17
lwsws[4843]: lws_get_or_create_peer: creating new peer
lwsws[4843]: _realloc: size 88: peer
lwsws[4843]: _realloc: size 664: new server wsi
lwsws[4843]: new wsi 0x1a196d0 joining vhost localhost1, tsi 0
lwsws[4843]: lwsi_set_state(0x1a196d0, 0x200)
lwsws[4843]: lws_adopt_descriptor_vhost: new wsi 0x1a196d0, sockfd 17
lwsws[4843]: __lws_set_timeout: 0x1a196d0: 20 secs
lwsws[4843]: lws_role_transition: 0x1a196d0: wsistate 0x20000015, ops h1
lwsws[4843]: new wsi wsistate 0x20000015
lwsws[4843]: __insert_wsi_socket_into_fds: 0x1a196d0: tsi=0, sock=17,
lwsws[4843]: elops_io_uv: 0x1a196d0: 5
lwsws[4843]: lws_header_table_attach: wsi 0x1a196d0: ah (nil) (tsi 0, count
= 0) in
lwsws[4843]: _lws_header_ensure_we_are_on_waiting_list: wsi: 0x1a196d0
lwsws[4843]: _lws_change_pollfd: wsi 0x1a196d0: fd 17 events 1 -> 0
lwsws[4843]: elops_io_uv: 0x1a196d0: 9
lwsws[4843]: lws_adopt_descriptor_vhost: waiting for ah
lwsws[4843]: rops_handle_POLLIN_listen: new wsi 0x1a196d0: wsistate
0x20000015, role_ops h1

 The deferent is the line marked as red,

 I checked the source code:

lws_header_table_attach(struct lws *wsi, int autoservice)
struct lws_context *context = wsi->context;
struct lws_context_per_thread *pt = &context->pt[(int)wsi->tsi];
struct lws_pollargs pa;
int n;

lwsl_info("%s: wsi %p: ah %p (tsi %d, count = %d) in\n", __func__,
  (void *)wsi, (void *)wsi->http.ah, wsi->tsi,

lws_pt_lock(pt, __func__);

/* if we are already bound to one, just clear it down */
if (wsi->http.ah) {
lwsl_info("%s: cleardown\n", __func__);
goto reset;

*n = pt->http.ah_count_in_use == context->max_http_header_pool;*

It seems that for case 2 the *context->max_http_header_pool initialed to 0*.
I modified the main.c of lwsws, and give a value to *max_http_header_pool.*
The issue is fixed.

Is this a bug or I have miss something?

Yours Chropin.
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