[Libwebsockets] version number problem (Fedora)

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Fri May 4 07:42:00 CEST 2018

On 05/04/2018 05:04 AM, Per Bothner wrote:
> I just upgraded to the recently-released Fedora 28, and it has in
> /usr/include/lws_config.h the following:
> Unless I've done something wrong, this is a version number
> higher then in git master, which is a problem.
> Most immediately for me, the Fedora version doesn't
> include lws_get_vhost_port, which means my test doesn't work:
>      http_port = lws_get_vhost_port(vhost);
> #else
>      http_port = info.port;
> #endif
> I haven't investigated who made the Fedora package, but if you
> don't mind I would suggest bumping the LWS_LIBRARY_VERSION_PATCH in git
> master to 3 or more - or bump LWS_LIBRARY_VERSION_MINOR to 5.

Yeah... I think this is my fault for not increasing the master version 
to something higher after release.  I'll make sure to do that when the 
next release happens.

I just bumped the release to the next release values a little early, 
that should solve it for you.


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