[Libwebsockets] i->pwsi value returned to user in H2 pipeline case

Xi Chen leon6827chix at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 04:43:04 CET 2018

Hi Andy,

I just want to understand the results I have with 2 children h2_wsi sharing
the same network wsi.

When I send the first request, it creates one network_wsi and then one
h2_wsi (say wsi_1), however I notice that the application gets the i->pwsi
value set to network_wsi instead of wsi_1. But later callbacks such as
HTTP_WRITE is called with wsi_1.

When I send the second request with LCCSCF_PIPELINE  set, it creates one
h2_wsi (say wsi_2), and the application gets i->pwsi = wsi_2.

Is this expected? I would expect the first application gets wsi_1 and the
second application gets wsi_2 ...

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