[Libwebsockets] Gitohashi

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Wed Sep 12 04:24:32 CEST 2018

Hi -

Gitohashi, my replacement for cgit is soon going to be ready for its 
first release.


I switched over to it for hosting lws and warmcat several weeks ago, it 
has become stable AFAICT.

Gitohashi is a daemon based around libgit2 and lws; it can serve 
directly or via a unix socket for integration into another server via 
its internal lws.  Amongst many other things it integrates with gitolite 
ACLs, so you can control which repos should be served by which vhost at 
gitolite config.  It's perfectly happy running on an rpi3, unlike cgit 
which spawns python for every connection.  It uses the new lws 
threadpool stuff to move requests on to their own thread, so stuff like 
blame computation doesn't block the event loop.

I'm not sure what the crossover of interest is between lws users and 
people who want to serve bare git repos on the web, but if anyone is 
interested please kick the tyres and give feedback before the release or 
what's not documented enough.

Gitohashi also does i18n, I have attempted to provide 
internationalization for Traditional and Simplified Chinese and 
Japanese.  (If you visit the link above, you should see your native 
language for the parts of the page not coming from the git repo).  If 
these are mangled to native speakers, please send me fixes, or you would 
like to contribute other internationalizations, just cut and paste this


with your language correctly filled in... it should be a 10 - 15 minute 
job if you are bilingual.  If you want to integrate it yourself so you 
can test it see here also



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