[Libwebsockets] Proxy address parsing is broken on IPv6 input

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Thu Mar 7 05:54:01 CET 2019

On 06/03/2019 19:57, Mateusz Stępień wrote:
> On 3/6/19 12:50 PM, Andy Green wrote:
>> IIUI, solving it just means requiring ipv6 addresses with ports like 
>> "[::1]:443", and take care about trimming the [] cleanly... is that 
>> what you also understood from it?
> Yes, that is my understanding. The general idea is that proxy address 
> has the following representation in case of IPv6:
>      http://username:password@[ipv6_proxy_address]:port/
> because of ambiguous colons. FWIW Firefox does not accept IPv6 address 
> without square brackets.

I pushed a patch on master that attempts to fix this.


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