[Libwebsockets] Logging WS HS

Olivier Langlois olivier at olivierlanglois.net
Sun Feb 23 23:02:42 CET 2020

On Sun, 2020-02-16 at 18:12 +0000, Andy Green wrote:
> > You don't need that info when developing a server but when developing a
> > client to use a service that you don't control, you are vulnerable to
> > unannounced server changes. One day the HS works. Then it doesn't. With
> > those logs, a simple glance at the logs would show what has changed and
> > we aren't talking about multi-MB logs. It is 1-2 hundred extra bytes.
> > IMHO, this is something that even lightweight systems could afford.
> > 
> > Another scenario that would be interesting to have some more help from
> > lws is when the server returns a HTTP error code during the WS HS. ie:
> > I get a 503. I suspect that along with it, in the reply body, the
> > server provides some useful info such as: 'Service disabled for
> > maintenance. Service resuming expected at HH:MM'. Recuperating those
> > messages is something that I would like lws to help with.
> Feel free to propose a patch, but at that point, it's http body, unrelated to ws protocol, so this is probably a job about generic handling of http bodies for 4xx / 5xx... not sure if it already appears at the cb or the transaction is abandoned.


I think that I have found a way to do it without any modification on
the lws side (well almost).

I need to test this option to validate that it works but I'm not seeing
why it wouldn't. FYI, my server is using chunked encoding.

In my callback:

          int code = lws_hdr_http_response(wsi);
          if (code == 503) {
              char buf[4096];
              char *ptr = buf;
              int len = sizeof(buf);
              lws_http_client_read(wsi, &ptr, &len);
          INFO2("HTTP 503 reply body:\n%.*s", len, (const char *)in);

Ok, yes I wrote a small utility function. Feel free to add it to lws:

lws_hdr_http_response(struct lws *wsi)
        if (!wsi->http.ah)
                return 0;
        return wsi->http.ah->http_response;

because otherwise, what is the alternative?

1. lws_hdr_copy(wsi, buf, 4, WSI_TOKEN_HTTP_COLON_STATUS);
2. int code = atoi(buf);

All that for a value that is stored in the ah struct... that seems a
bit overkill...

If interested, I can prepare you a well formatted patch for that new

In the same order of ideas, why lws_hdr_simple_ptr() isn't exposed?

inside lws, it is a breeze to inspect the various header fields, if
someone wanted to inspect the header in any way from
LWS_CALLBACK_CLIENT_FILTER_PRE_ESTABLISH, he would have to resort to a
bunch of field copies...


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