[Libwebsockets] compile failure (+socks5, -client)

Jaco Kroon jaco at uls.co.za
Tue Jan 7 08:55:01 CET 2020

Hi Andy,

> Thanks, I pushed the patches... there are a lot of build options in
> lws, it's not possible to test all the combinations.
> I test what I consider the major sets of functionality in travis,
> there are 17 tests done once on Linux and once on OSX
> That might not seem like much of a dent in however-many-thousands of
> combinations are possible, but just being forced to take care of
> quite effective in stopping huge areas of the real problem space from
> making trouble.  WITH_MINIMAL_EXAMPLES means all the examples get
> tested against those combinations as well.

Thanks for your effort.  Considering that this is exponential, even with
only 8 options, that's like 256 possible different builds (at 16 options
that's up to 65536) ... there is no sensible way to test all possible
combinations.  I'm not sure how tinderbox works on Gentoo side, but I
have no issue passing these through as they're found, and (where
possible) providing fixes.

Thanks for your efforts, myself, and I believe everybody else leveraging
off of your code, really appreciates your efforts.

Kind Regards,

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