[Libwebsockets] SSL http client stalls on the last chunk.

Zevv libws at zevv.nl
Wed Jan 22 15:25:25 CET 2020

Quoting Andy Green (2020-01-22 14:00:30)
> What happens if we don't rely on having read up to the max result buffer 
> to trigger checking SSL_pending()?

Too bad, no changes in behaviour. I'll check if I can find why the next
fake POLLIN does not come.

> If that doesn't seem to affect it, on master there are also buflists now 
> on both input and output side to catch any leftovers...

I'm running master.

> both pt lists get a chance in lws_service_flag_pending() in
> lib/core-net/service.c to force POLLIN for the related wsis that are
> on the lists.

Ok that makes sense, I'll see if I can better understand what is
happening here.


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