[Libwebsockets] Certificate expiration message

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Tue Jun 2 08:34:34 CEST 2020

On 6/1/20 10:35 PM, Brice Hamon wrote:
> Hi guys,
> We are getting this message and I was wondering if it is an indication
> of something wrong.
> This certificate is Valid from May 14, 2020 to July 13, 2022 so will
> expire in 771 days.
> This is coming from LWS but routed into our logging system.
> 20-06-01 17:21:04.236447 DEBUG: [WS    ]: libwebsocket:    vhost :
> cert expiry: 770d
> 20-06-01 17:21:04.236460 NOTIC: [WS    ]: callback_http: Certificate
> aging detected
> I don't mind the DEBUG message, which is nice but was wondering what
> trigger the Certificate aging detected message.

That message doesn't exist in current lws... when lws assesses the 
server cert lifetime left once a day, it calls back into the vhost with 
LWS_CALLBACK_VHOST_CERT_AGING to give the user code a chance to study 
the situation and maybe send email or whatever.  Either it's a message 
that only existed in previous lws you are using, or it's coming from 
user code at the callback.

Either way, git grep (on the code your are building) is your friend to 
track it down.


> Thanks,
> Brice.
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