[Libwebsockets] Minimal examples for webserver

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Wed Mar 4 19:57:50 CET 2020

On 3/4/20 6:47 PM, Pranjali Chumbhale wrote:
> Hello Team,
> I am building and running the minimal examples for ws-server at my end 
> without -s option.
> The server starts, however, netstat command does not show anything on 

You're not asking it to tell you what you want to know.

> the port 7681 (I am using the default port as in example).
> Also, http://localhost:7681 shows 404 error.
> Did anyone face this issue?

Are you running it with the current directory being the example dir? 
Because the server examples are built to get their assets from ./, eg, 
./mount-origin so they can avoid having to deal with crossplatform 
boilerplate for where to install things obscuring the important bits of 
what the example is trying to demonstrate.

> _Here is starting the server output:_
> ./lws-minimal-ws-server-timer
> [2020/03/04 10:35:09:4276] U: LWS minimal ws server | visit 
> http://localhost:7681 (-s = use TLS / https)
> _And here is the netstat command output:_
> netstat | grep 7681
> unix  3      [ ]         STREAM     CONNECTED     517681

That's not telling you anything, if you want to see who is listening on 
tcp you want, eg netstat -ltn


> Regards,
> Pranjali
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