[Libwebsockets] lws v4.0 released

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Fri Mar 6 12:27:49 CET 2020

Hi -

v4.0.0 is tagged out and v4.0-stable created.


Master has been under MIT license for several months, but this is the 
first stable release under MIT.

There's a number of new features and improvements as listed in the 
changelog, some of them are pretty cool:


  - NEW: Lws is now under the MIT license, see ./LICENSE for details

  - NEW: GLIB native event loop support, lws + gtk example

  - NEW: native lws MQTT client... supports client stream binding like 
h2 when
    multiple logical connections are going to the same endpoint over 
MQTT, they
    transparently and independently share the one connection + tls tunnel

  - NEW: "Secure Streams"... if you are making a device with client 
    to the internet or cloud, this allows separation of the communications
    policy (endpoints, tls cert validation, protocols, etc) from the 
code, with
    the goal you can combine streams, change protocols and cloud 
provision, and
    reflect that in the device's JSON policy document without having to 
    any code.

  - NEW: lws_system: New lightweight and efficient Asynchronous DNS resolver
    implementation for both A and AAAA records, supports recursive (without
    recursion in code) lookups, caching, and getaddrinfo() compatible 
    scheme (from cache directly without per-consumer allocation).  Able to
    perform DNS lookups without introducing latency in the event loop.

  - NEW: lws_system: ntpclient implementation with interface for setting 
    time via lws_system ops

  - NEW: lws_system: dhcpclient implementation

  - NEW: Connection validity tracking, autoproduce PING/PONG for 
protocols that
    support it if not informed that the connection has passed data in both
    directions recently enough

  - NEW: lws_retry: standardized exponential backoff and retry timing based
    around backoff table and lws_sul

  - NEW: there are official public helpers for unaligned 
de/serialization of all
    common types, see eh, lws_ser_wu16be() in 

  - NEW: lws_tls_client_vhost_extra_cert_mem() api allows attaching 
extra certs
    to a client vhost from DER in memory

  - NEW: lws_system: generic blobs support passing auth tokens, 
    client certs etc from platform into lws

  - NEW: public helpers to consume and produce ipv4/6 addresses in a 
clean way,
    along with lws_sockaddr46 type now public.  See eg, lws_sockaddr46-based
    lws_sa46_parse_numeric_address(), lws_write_numeric_address()
    in include/libwebsockets/lws-network-helper.h

  - Improved client redirect handling, h2 compatibility

  - NEW: lwsac: additional features for constant folding support 
(strings that
    already are in the lwsac can be pointed to without copying again), 
    (look for gaps in previous chunks that could take a new use size), and
    lwsac_extend() so last use() can attempt to use more unallocated 
chunk space

  - NEW: lws_humanize: apis for reporting scalar quanties like 1234 as 
    with the scaled symbol strings passed in by caller

  - NEW: freertos: support lws_cancel_service() by using UDP pair bound 
to lo,
    since it doesn't have logical pipes

  - NEW: "esp32" plat, which implemented freertos plat compatibility on 
esp32, is
    renamed to "freertos" plat, targeting esp32 and other freertos platforms

  - NEW: base64 has an additional api supporting stateful decode, where 
the input
    is not all in the same place at the same time and can be processed

  - NEW: lws ws proxy: support RFC8441

  - NEW: lws_spawn_piped apis: generic support for vforking a process 
with child
    wsis attached to its stdin, stdout and stderr via pipes.  When 
processes are
    reaped, a specified callback is triggered.  Currently Linux + OSX.

  - NEW: lws_fsmount apis: Linux-only overlayfs mount and unmount 
management for
    aggregating read-only layers with disposable, changeable upper layer fs

  - Improvements for RTOS / small build case bring the footprint of lws 
v4 below
    that of v3.1 on ARM

  - lws_tokenize: flag specifying # should mark rest of line as comment

  - NEW: minimal example for integrating libasound / alsa via raw file

  - lws_struct: sqlite and json / lejp translation now usable

libwebsockets.org and warmcat.com serve entirely from lws and dogfood 
master lws all the time, they're also running v4.0.0 at the moment.


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