[Libwebsockets] Logging WS HS

o_O凌雲 550470999 at qq.com
Sun Mar 8 15:24:42 CET 2020

the current master added the callback reason:LWS_CALLBACK_ESTABLISHED_CLIENT_HTTP, the last opportunity to get server reply. But how to Get the content of reply? can you show an example? thanks. 

if (wsi->do_ws) {
		 * Give one last opportunity to ws protocols to inspect server reply
		 * before the ws upgrade code discard it. ie: download reply body in case
		 * of any other response code than 101.
		if (wsi->protocol->callback(wsi,
					  wsi->user_space, NULL, 0)) {

			cce = "HS: disallowed by client filter";
			goto bail2;
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