[Libwebsockets] A question about close frame ctroll for ws client in libwebsockets

huangkaicheng huangkaicheng at huawei.com
Fri Mar 13 05:24:43 CET 2020

      We use libwebsockets as ws client. We want to know that how to get the reason code and descption if ws server send close frame with close_staus and buffer . We found the interface “lws_close_reason ” about send to close frame in libwebsocket.h
      As follows,

* lws_close_reason - Set reason and aux data to send with Close packet
*      If you are going to return nonzero from the callback
*      requesting the connection to close, you can optionally
*      call this to set the reason the peer will be told if
*      possible.
* \param wsi:  The websocket connection to set the close reason on
* \param status:   A valid close status from websocket standard
* \param buf:  NULL or buffer containing up to 124 bytes of auxiliary data
* \param len:  Length of data in \param buf to send
lws_close_reason(struct lws *wsi, enum lws_close_status status,
        unsigned char *buf, size_t len);

   but we does not  found how to get reason when ws client receive close frame.
   as ws client ,how to get close status and buf? Can callback reason about “LWS_CALLBACK_CLOSED” get close status ? if not, how to get it. Please help answer for me. Thanks.

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