[Libwebsockets] Quick API question

Brice Hamon normandviking at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 20:54:07 CET 2020

Hi guys,

I have a quick question on lws usage.

Server side of the API, when I get notified of a client's connection
on LWS_CALLBACK_ESTABLISHED, the struct per_session_data is allocated by
the library, and deleted on close. I call that pointer pss.

I've been using that address to reference the client's connection on other
threads as this server is totally MT but one thread encapsulates the lws
safely. I am also using lws with external event loop support, which works

Of course as things happen, the client connection may be closed, therefore
the pss invalidated, while I have in flight messages in queues.

So far I have a fast hash to keep track of the validity of a pss, in the
thread managing lws. So far so good.

Now my question is: is there a way to ask lws if that pss is still active
(referenced? ), instead of me doing it externally?

I am still using the 3.0 Stable, soon to upgrade to 4.0 stable on OpenSuse

Thank you
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