[Libwebsockets] 回复: 答复: A question about libwebsockets dns resolve

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Sun May 10 19:29:24 CEST 2020

On 5/10/20 5:54 PM, o_O凌雲 wrote:
> Hi,
>      we want to limit wait time for each when dns resolve connect 
> because 20s is too long. And I set lws_timeout. and time limit tabke 
> effect. but this is something wrong that tsi fds count is 1. it is 
> normall is zero when trying end. please help to check my code whether 
> there is something wrong. thanks.

Sorry I don't have time to wade through 8 attachments > 700KB.

If you have made some changes to lws, send a diff or patch so we can 
quickly see the changes and think about those.  It's enough to just do, eg

$ git diff > mychanges.diff

and send mychanges.diff.

If you have a specific issue it's best to make a way to reproduce it 
using the minimal examples, eg, using lws-minimal-http-client.  Then 
with a small patch + run a minimal example, I can quickly review the 
changes and try the problem, and be fairly sure I am looking at the same 
thing you are looking at.


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