[Libwebsockets] Question about protocol-0 callback design in External Polling application

John Peter Norair jpnorair at indigresso.com
Mon May 11 18:31:12 CEST 2020


I’m building a websocket<—>unix-socket bridge.  Perhaps one already exists, but I haven’t found it.  I will open source my software if it ends up being worth releasing.

I’m looking at this page (below).  It seems simple enough.
https://libwebsockets.org/lws-api-doc-master/html/md_README.coding.html <https://libwebsockets.org/lws-api-doc-master/html/md_README.coding.html>

What’s less simple is extracting lws_callback_http_dummy() from the lws sources and removing the parts of it that link to sections I’d prefer not to include in my application sources (i.e. I’d prefer to keep them in the lib).

I would appreciate any guidance in minimizing lws_callback_http_dummy().  If there’s already a program or example that does this, even better.  My application doesn’t require HTTP functionality beyond what’s shown in the minimal-examples/ws-server/minimal-ws-server example code (this uses lws_callback_http_dummy()).

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