[Libwebsockets] lws_adopt_socket() vs. external polling

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Fri May 22 19:04:02 CEST 2020

On 5/22/20 5:14 PM, John Peter Norair wrote:
> Hi LWS readers:
> A few days ago I asked some questions about external polling.  In the 
> time since, I’ve been experimenting with custom and standard-builds of 
> LWS, and it’s my impression that external polling is not always 
> compiled-in to LWS.

It is off by default at cmake, because external polling is a hack.

> I ended up using lws_adopt_descriptor_vhost() to allow the LWS service 

Those two things are kind of unrelated...

  - External polling: allows you to hack lws to use something else's 
event loop without making any assumptions about what it is or how it 
works or is locked

  - adopt_descriptor: lws makes a wsi for your existing socketfd and 
treats it as one of its own.  But it doesn't say anything about how the 
event loop works.

> loop manage everything.  This seems like a more portable solution than 
> external polling.

Yeah... that is for nasty situations you have to interface lws to some 
gnarly existing system with its own event loop deeply emebedded init 
unrelated to any normal conventions .  For everything else, lws supports 
libuv, libevent, libuv, glib event loops, by default it makes its own 
poll() or select() -based event loop for you.


> My software is for bridging arbitrary UNIX or ubus sockets onto 
> websockets.  Perhaps it can be optimized with LWS integrated proxying, 
> but I’ll explore that later.  If anyone is interested in such software, 
> it’s on github now (albeit still a rough alpha): 
> https://github.com/jpnorair/wfedd
> Best regards,
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