[Libwebsockets] 回复: 答复: A question about libwebsockets dns resolve

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Mon May 25 11:03:05 CEST 2020

On 5/25/20 9:31 AM, huangkaicheng wrote:
> Hi ,
>       I use test-client project in websockes previous. And it is not my 
> code. it is about your code in your project.

OK, fair enough.

But what I mean is please make it easy for me to reproduce your problem, 
ie minimal example, if a diff, give me the diff, and give me the 
commandline.  Then I can know if I can spare a few minutes, I can stop 
what I am doing and look at it (and I know immediately that it is about 
a minimal example, which makes me much more want to stop and look).

As Jaco says I am not sure if it just confuses the issue with the 
"timedout" log.  On some platforms, 127.0.0.x port closed acts like 
closed and send you a FIN, on other platforms (IIRC OSX) it acts like it 
was DROPped and waits.  If on windows platform it resets the connection, 
like on Linux, it will not wait around and just fail immediately, the 
log may not reflect the reality of why it gave up then, which is not 
ideal but not really a crisis.


> imap://andy@warmcat.com:993/fetch%3EUID%3E.INBOX%3E126618?header=quotebody&part=1.1.3&filename=image002.png
> mkdir build
> cd build
> cmake .. -DLWS_WITH_SSL=0
> cmake --build . --config DEBUG
>       And I use 
> imap://andy@warmcat.com:993/fetch%3EUID%3E.INBOX%3E126618?header=quotebody&part=1.1.2&filename=image001.png
>        If I want to use minimal-ws-client, how can I build it success. I 
> build it failed.
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> On 5/25/20 8:35 AM, huangkaicheng wrote:
>> Hi,
>>  there is still something wrong with latest code. Why try to
>> connect,, time out so quickly?
> Can you please show me this using the lws minimal examples rather than 
> your code?  That way I can try the same thing quickly and have some 
> reason to think we are looking at the same problem, and if I change 
> something, that it solves the problem.
> -Andy

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